It's a Great Time to be a Student

Why Us?

Free Semester Rent Contest

Can you believe we are crazy enough to give a FULL SEMESTER OF RENT AWAY FOR FREEEE?

Which means, more cash for textbooks, paying back student loans, private tutoring sessions; Who are we kidding!.. It's guaranteed nights out on the town, concerts, weekend trips, and let's not forget cruising down to Cancun for spring break.

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Student Rental/Storage Program

Only needing an apartment for the 8 month school year?
Tired of moving from apartment to apartment every school year?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then we have the perfect program for you. Sign a 1 year lease and leave your furniture in your suite over the summer at a discounted rate!

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Referral Rewards

Once you move in, you're going to love it.

Tell your friends and not only save your self some cash, but your friends too. For the Regina residents, receive $250 off your rent if your referral becomes an Altern resident. AND your referral will save $250 off their first month's rent as well.

Amenity Rich

Did someone say a free gym membership? (Man they are getting expensive!)

Work on your fitness and be your best healthy you by hitting the gym. Then when it's time to relax head to the swimming pool, resident lounge or the common BBQ area with fire pits for outdoor gatherings.


Need help finding a roommate?

One that doesn't remind you of that slob you just left at the dorm??! We have the service just for you! Our Roomie matchmaking questionnaire ensures that you and your Roomie are compatible and will live well together. We know you are tired of cooking and cleaning on your own… It's a safe, fun way to meet someone to help with your school projects.

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Pet Friendly

Fur babies are most definitely welcome.

Surrounded by parks and walking paths, Altern apartment communities are ideally situated to easily accommodate your pet's needs.

Virtual Tours

Take a minute to tour our properties right now, from your phone (or sweet VR goggles).

This will show you our modern finishes and help narrow down your search without having to tour through a ton of places.

Winnipeg Regina

Equity Program

For our Regina peeps, all you have to do is pay your rent and we save 15% of it for a discount or free upgrades on a BRAND NEW home you get to customize with our friends at Deveraux Homes! While you get that degree so you can have your dream job, we are already helping you save for your dream home.

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The Club

We know that when students say they have to study this usually means go shopping, meet a friend for lunch, get a haircut, pick up dry cleaning.. basically everything but study. Since you are already going to be procrastinating you might as well be getting a discount while out spending money, which is where The Club comes in. Every resident receives a Club card at the time of moving in which provides exclusive discounts and offers at a variety of businesses. Check out the Club page to find out where you could be saving money!

Winnipeg Regina

Resident Events

We host events in the clubhouses; That's right, we provide another reason to prolong studying, having to pull an all-nighter just to finish that paper you knew about months ago. We've been known to throw quite the ragers such as pizza lunches, pop-up shop nights, financial seminars, bouquet making workshops, BBQ's and movie nights.

Free Semester of Rent Contest

Check out our last few winner's videos. These went crazy on social media! Make sure you enter the draw so you have a chance to make a video and win free rent! If you are a full-time student living with Altern Properties enrolled in the winter 2019 semester at a post-secondary school you're good to go.

Free Semester Rent Winner 2018

Free Semester Rent Winner 2017

How to enter?

Like Altern Properties on Facebook

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Send your proof of enrolment for the 2019 winter semester to

*In January, 2019 two finalists will be drawn to compete for a chance to win FREE RENT FOR A SEMESTER!*

Feel at Home

We really value our residents that are dealing with the stresses of school and all that goes with it. We are wanting to work with you to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about and a great place to call home. Feel free to reach out and meet our staff, you will really like them and they will work hard to make sure you are happy.

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